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Journal of Engineering Science and Technology, Volume 10, Issue Spec. Issue 1 on UKM Teaching and Learning Congress 2013, June 2015, 2015, pp. 53-60

Interactive short cut method for pressure vessel design based on asme code

Abstract :

The pressure vessel in general, is a closed container with a diameter greater than 150 mm that can withstand pressure differences of more than one bar and is designed to meet any requirement of a process. The importance of designing the pressure vessel is to ensure the safety of pressure vessels operating in the plant where it will be installed. There are a few international standards applied to design a safe pressure vessel, but the most widely referred codes are American Society of Mechanical Engineers Code (ASME), British Standards and Boiler and Pressure Containers. In the ASME Code, Section VIII, contains a method for designing a pressure vessel. All calculations in the procedure are done manually. The procedures involved complicated formulas with too many graphs, and the designer may make a mistake in calculating or taking data from a graph. For designing a vessel under external pressure, a method of trial and error is followed the minimum thickness for the vessel. This method consumes a longer time to obtain a corrected the minimum thickness after fulfilling some design criteria. In order to overcome these problems, an Interactive Short cut Method for Pressure Vessel Design based on ASME Code is proposed. The results showed that the highest error of only 1.1 percent was achieved giving evidence that the modules developed to calculate the thickness of the pressure vessel is appropriate.

Keywords : ASME code,IPVD,Pressure vessel
Subject Area : Engineering(all)

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