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Journal of Engineering Science and Technology, Volume 10, Issue Spec. Issue 1 on UKM Teaching and Learning Congress 2013, June 2015, 2015, pp. 61-73

Achievement of programme outcomes through integrated project as an innovative approach from a teaching and learning perspective

Abstract :

An introduction of integrated project (IP) where the elements of several subjects studied were put together is an innovative way of enhancing students’ understanding of how the topics related to each other. This paper discusses outcome-based engineering education (OBE), the lessons learned, determined by the Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM), the challenges of teaching and learning in engineering, and the learning outcomes and components of IP. Based on inputs where the existing feedback mechanism in the quality management system include an online course assessment system, student dialogue sessions and exit surveys, the improvements are made to teaching and learning activities such as the introduction of IP from the first year of study, open-ended laboratory assignments, formalisation of industrial visits and lectures as part of the learning activities. The effectiveness of the mechanisms for gathering students’ feedback was assessed and reported on in this paper that help to promote future improvement to enhance their effectiveness.

Keywords : Continual quality improvement,Integrated project,Outcome-based engineering education,Stakeholders,Student
Subject Area : Engineering(all)

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