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Kajian Malaysia, Volume 33, Issue 2, 2015, pp. 61-81

Borrowing and the sociocultural elements in the translation of rihlat IBN battutah Prosedur peminjaman dan elemen sosiobudaya dalam terjemahan rihlat IBN battutah

Mansor I. * 1
Abstract :

Socio-cultural factors are the vital elements that normally affect a translation process. This factor’s influence is often reflected in the selection of particular translation procedures and strategies. A previous study that has been carried out discovered that “borrowing” is one of the most dominant procedures used by the translators in the translation of certain cultural elements in Rihlat Ibn Battutah into Malay. As such, through “observation and explanation” and with the support of the interview approach, this study is carried out to identify the socio-cultural influences involved in the selection of the main borrowing procedures as the main approach in translating the cultural elements. The results of the study reveal that besides the lack of single equivalence in the target culture, some other external factors also contributed to the selection of “borrowing” as one of the most important procedures in the above translation.

Keywords : Arabic,Borrowing,Rihlat Ibn Battutah,Sociocultural,Translation
Subject Area : Cultural Studies History Sociology and Political Science

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