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Studia Islamika, Volume 22, Issue 3, 2015, pp. 535-562

Al-Qiyam al-Thaqafiyah wa Tabi al-Sha 'b li Jayl al-Muslimin al-Shubban al-Indunisiyin

Abstract :

Cases of negative social behavior among students happen not only in public schools but also in madrasah. Actually, madrasah should be the right place for implanting character values because they teach religious education over more hours, and does so more comprehensively than public schools. However, the fact is the process has not run effectively due to how religious education is taught merely as a knowledge. Besides, madrasah conntinue to face internal and external problems. To deal with these problems, a model of implanting cultural values and national characters using a comprehensive approach based on Lickona's theory is one of the solutions to developing positive characters values within madrasah. The theory recommends the adoption of an comprehensive implementation strategy inside and outside of the classroom, with it done in an integrated manner. This kind of implementation requires all parties.madrasah, parents, government and be involved consistently in developing character values.

Keywords : Character Values,Madrasah,Model,Social Behaviour
Subject Area : Religious studies

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