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INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ISLAMIC THOUGHT, Volume 10, Issue Dec., 2016, pp. 38-46

The Advocation of Cross-Cultural Dialogue through the Promotion of Moderation via Media and Education

Abstract :

History has presented us the pinnacle of human civilisation in the context of coexistence during the 17th century period in Europe itself whereupon the values of mutual tolerance, intellectual acumen, wisdom and moderation reigned supreme par excellence. This beacon of civilisation witnessed the glorious peak of La Convivencia where all were able to live and cooperate successfully towards the advancement of arts, science and humanity. It has also been replicated in parts in other regions of the world hence efforts for cross-cultural dialogue and cooperation is ever pertinent. The rise of extremism and intolerance in the global world today is a challenge to mankind's ability in reclaiming as well as replicating the glory of civilisations past within the present, and beyond. The panacea to the ills of nowadays can be found in moderation and cross-cultural dialogues and initiatives, ably supported and amplified by education and the media.

Keywords : cross-cultural dialogue, dialogue, education, media, moderation
Subject Area : Arts and Humanities(all) Philosophy Religious studies Social Sciences(all) Sociology and Political Science

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