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International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Volume 8, Issue 5, 2018, pp. 3278-3284

Pupil detection based on color difference and circular hough transform

Abstract :

Human pupil eye detection is a significant stage in iris segmentation which is representing one of the most important steps in iris recognition. In this paper, we present a new method of highly accurate pupil detection. This method is consisting of many steps to detect the boundary of the pupil. First, the read eye image (R, G, B), then determine the work area which is consist of many steps to detect the boundary of the pupil. The determination of the work area contains many circles which are larger than pupil region. The work area is necessary to determine pupil region and neighborhood regions afterward the difference in color and intensity between pupil region and surrounding area is utilized, where the pupil region has color and intensity less than surrounding area. After the process of detecting pupil region many steps on the resulting image is applied in order to concentrate the pupil region and delete the others regions by using many methods such as dilation, erosion, canny filter, circle hough transforms to detect pupil region as well as apply optimization to choose the best circle that represents the pupil area. The proposed method is applied for images from palacky university, it achieves to 100 % accuracy. © 2018 Institute of Advanced Engineering and Science. All rights reserved.

Keywords : Binary image,Circular hough transform,Color difference,Iris detection,Pupil area
Subject Area : Computer Science(all) Electrical and Electronic Engineering Computer Networks and Communications Hardware and Architecture

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